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Hint according to Batteriegesetz (Battery Act)

We are obliged according to the Battery Act (German Batteriegesetz) to advise you of the following as we are selling batteries and accumulators and accordingly devices that contain batteries and accumulators:

Batteries and rechargeable batteries are not allowed to dispose in household refuse. You are legally obligated to return used batteries and rechargeable batteries.

Used batteries may include harmful substances, which may endanger the environment or your health by incorrect storage or waste. Batteries also include important raw materials like iron, zinc, manganese or nickel and they will recycle. After usage you can either send the batteries back to us to the following adress or you can return the batteries within your spitting distance (e.g. in retail market or in communal collecting points) free of charge:

Nickis Bächstädt GmbH, Seestr. 5, 83700 Rottach-Egern

This crossed refuse bin means, that you are not allowed to dispose batteries and rechargeable batteries in household refuse. Under this sign you can find additional the following symbols with following meanings:

Pb: battery includes lead
Cd: battery includes cadmium
Hg: battery includes mercury